Adventures Of Teapot Mountain
oil on canvas (112 x 194 cm)
Imagine a far-flung city of meditation with the Utopian spirit as a floating elephant-shaped rocky island in the sky. On this spiritual island, a Buddha stone statuette can just about be seen meditating, characterizing the sages’ teachings and wisdoms from a time long past. At the bottom of the painting, there are also cats blowing bubbles at the foot of the Teapot Hill, happily perched on top of staircases from ruined civilisation, paying respect to the island above. The ‘spout’ of the Teapot Hill represents the wilderness of the world, dialoguing with the trunk of the Elephant Island, a vivid depiction of the excitement like the close encounter with the third kind in Genesis; it conveys the wisely salvation of desire. The tail of the rocky island is that of a snake, an allegory of a greedy snake eating an elephant, in other words, biting off more than one can chew. Through his painting, Lien expresses his blessing to mother earth, and spreads his well wishes riding on the floating island.
Details of artwork