Arctic Elephant Roaming The Taipei Basin
oil on canvas (112 x 194 cm)
Coming across the remains or a destruction of a civilization always conjures up various emotions. The series ‘Traveling in submerged landscapes and icebergs’ were created by employing imagination, synthesis and association, to search for inspiration in a familiar Taiwanese urban and rural setting. The piece depicts an imagination of the dire consequences to the ecological system over the years, along with a consciousness to crisis in life, and the damaging thought of land’s excessive development. Set in the Taipei basin, it’s a warning image of the decline of modern day civilization. The theme of the piece is centered around the elephant iceberg, which represents the symbol of wisdom and compassion. Describing the environment being destroyed by human’s overexploitation, Mother Earth is still willing to carry humanity’s guilt and salvation, and return with kindness and tolerance whilst silently bearing it all. It also supports and care for all living things, depicting here with penguins having fun, this shows Mother Earth also acting as a loving space supporting every need with no regrets, while the Aurora assumes the role of glory in this piece.
Details of artwork