Embracing Keylung Mountain
oil on canvas (97 x 162 cm)
Keelung Mountain is an extinct volcano situated in the north eastern side of Taiwan. A once thriving Taiwanese gold, copper and coal mining area, it was also the location of Lien Chien Hsing’s ancestral lands, tucked behind the mountain in Shaungxi Township. His grandparents were miners in the area who sadly passed away in a mining accident. His art piece is a model of realism, and it depicts the serenity of the mountain village, and how life traveling between the once bustling Jingua stone mine and the village must have been like in its heydays. On the left of the piece the mines were restored to their former glories, a subjective fictional transformation if you will, towards the desolation the artist felt when the mining industry had run its course, but also a celebration of the return of nature’s comeback and the honors it brings. It is the dialogue between humanity and nature, which awakened the long forgotten idealistic embrace of the scenery.
Details of artwork