Yuan-Ru Hsieh


Yuan-Ru Hsieh is a Taiwanese-American artist. Throughout her life, she immersed herself in various forms of art and creativity, from the art of vocal performance, to the art of medicine, and finally to visual arts.

Her vocal performance spanned two decades with performances across Taiwan, the United States, and on television. Her singing is emotive and powerful, with listeners positively affected by her rich mezzo-soprano voice. She likens visual art to her performances as they are both mediums through which she expresses her innermost feelings to others, providing a window to her emotional self. Although Yuan-Ru’s first career was in medicine as a family physician—receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University and a medical doctorate from Baylor College of Medicine—creative arts has always played a significant role in her identity. After residing in the United States for 30 years, she recently moved back to her hometown of Taipei, Taiwan to pursue her creative arts full-time.

Yuan-Ru’s artwork is largely abstract, often dealing with nature as the theme, and is driven by a strong emotive element. Her artwork has been described as:

“. . . very thought provoking and emotionally charged” “. . . a very vigorous piece. It certainly invokes a consuming, hot presence.” She finds her inspiration from the Gutai movement and the founding artists' non-orthodox way of creating art by using their hands, feet, and bodies. While developing her art style, she felt a freeness and disinhibition to paint with her bare hands and fingers. She explains:

“The feeling of the paint on my skin made me feel closer to my work, as a part of me is impressed onto the canvas. My art pieces became more emotive and forge a closer connection between my audience and me.” She is also inspired by masters such as Gerhard Richter and Claude Monet. She combines elements of the artists she admires to create her unique emotionally charged style.