Leon Fenster
Leon Fenster
Leon Fenster, an artist from London, depicts the city through a distinctly Jewish exilic lens: a unique form of visual story telling rooted in an ancient tradition which re-imagines and reinvents the familiar, taking the viewer on dream-filled journeys into worlds known and unknown. Leon is perhaps best known for exploring a city and then representing the entire city in a single artwork. Or, similarly, interviewing a family and then depicting their entire world in a single artwork.

‎‏This powerful form of visual storytelling emerged from a combination of two elements of his life: Judaism and architecture.

‎‏For many years Leon devoted himself to designing, writing, drawing and lecturing on the topic of architecture as a means of telling our shared stories.

‎‏He has also spent years devoted to Jewish community building and Jewish ‘aggadic’ narrative. He discovered that communities based on rich shared traditions are a powerful form of immaterial sacred architecture.

‎‏These two strands meet in his current works of art.