Racquel Miller
Racquel Miller
Racquel is an acrylic abstract artist inspired by nature, soft music, and life experiences which allows her art to be guided by feelings or moments in every stroke. It is a moment for her to pause, slow down, replenish, and relax. Her work has been described as intuitive, impressionism, and abstract.

She enjoys gazing up at the beautiful skies on her morning or evening walks pondering how subtle & calm it is. She tends to go into deep thought about the wind blowing through the trees, streams of water running over rocks, the rushing sound of a waterfall, or the birds chirping in their nearby homes. This inspires her work that gives her a sense of calm and comfort in a busy chaotic world. Her artwork is soft and soothing focused on happy & appealing colors. Her creative outlet has taught her that no matter what the circumstances are she is in control of that inner calm.

Her work is collected worldwide and has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions throughout Connecticut including Yale University Art Health and The Hospital for Special Care. She is a 2nd Place Mixed Media Winner and her work has been featured in 2021 House & Garden UK, The World Interiors, and GQ Magazine.

Her mission is to enhance others lives through color and spread joy. To help each viewer find their inner and joy and connect with them through that common ground.

She is a wife and mother of three boys living in Connecticut. Originally born and raised in Pasadena, Ca, the city of Tournament of Roses, her passion of nature comes from her parents influence of the outdoors. She is an event coordinator by day and since 2020 has loved exploring the joy of creating through abstract art.