About Yuan Ru Gallery


Yuan Ru Gallery was established in 2016 by Taiwanese-American Julie Hsieh, MD. Julie lived in the U.S. for almost 30 years and returned to Taiwan in 2014 to pursue her career as a gallerist. She would like to introduce more Taiwanese artists internationally as well as collaborate with international galleries and artists from around the world. Yuan Ru Gallery made its debut as an exhibitor at Art Central Hong Kong in March 2017, with multiple media articles on the strength of Yuan Ru Gallery's curated exhibition. Yuan Ru Gallery also exhibited in Tokyo, Japan and Santa Fe in the United States in 2017.

Yuan Ru Gallery is very pleased to represent a number of renown Taiwanese artists at the international art fairs and at Yuan Ru Gallery's exhibitions, including 83 years-old Taiwanese art master Chen Chin-Jung, public art master Jun T Lai, Lien Chien-Hsing, Patrick Lee, Yeh Fang and Yuan-Ru Hsieh. In addition, Yuan Ru Gallery also has a number of foreign artists based in Taiwan: French artists Baptiste Tavernier and Henri Depardieu, who studied under Salvador Dali, and English artist Tim Budden.

Yuan Ru Gallery is centrally located in Taipei City at 10F, No. 343, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan 10569 .