Beth Betker
Art is always an abstract endeavor, mimicking complex reality in only two or three dimensions. Majestic or trivial, this is essentially worship: a private musical perfor- mance, a dance with a stranger. What ultimately emerges is a thrilling accident, fragile as life.
Living here at the water’s edge, we funny creatures are drawn to look, touch, risk if we dare. Beauty speaks to us in tongues, trance, and pure emotion, a miracle of dynamic interaction between chance and intention.
I have worked professionally in fiber and fine arts since 1974, after enjoying a peripatetic childhood throughout the Pacific Northwest.
These “windowpane” works begin as collaged checkerboards of multicolored, multitextural surfaces. Painting upon each mimics the vagaries of living, attempting unity and continuity despite constant changes in terrain and weather. What joy when it comes together!