Chien-Hsing Lien
Chien-Hsing Lien
Born in 1962 in Keelung, Taiwan. He graduated from the Western Painting Section of the Art Department of the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan. In 1984, he was selected for the first annual Republic of China Modern Painting Outlook Exhibition. In 1987, he joined the group exhibition of the award-winners of the Shiy De-jinn Award. In 1989, he joined a large-scale exhibition of the Taipei Painting Association organized by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Lien Chien-Hsing first came to prominence in the 80s with his superb Realistic technique. In the 90s, using different pictures, he has created Realistic works recalling images from his childhood, heavy with personal coloring. His works subtly reveal a feeling of pessimism, combined with a subconscious, mysterious shadow to become a unique kind of "magical realism".
Magic Realism
Still Life