Colasa is an avant-garde artist known for his imaginations. In addition to his graffiti art, Colasa also continuously experiences with new materials and substances to enhance the expressiveness of his

Colasa was born in Taiwan and majored in art related fields throughout his academic career. After
graduating from high school, Colasa fell in love with skateboarding and graffiti. At the time, street
culture or subculture was still very new to Taiwan, and so he had to look towards the internet to find
anything related graffiti art.

Having studied art since childhood, Colasa insists on the defiance of traditional art forms and adopts a rather unconventional creative method -- graffiti. With his very own unique style and Chinese ink
inspired techniques, Colasa is making a name for himself in the international arena!

In the past, Colasa’s work tends to focus on technique and objective meaning. However, he now tries to bring more excitement and imaginations to his work and sees his pieces as coming truly from the heart.