Feng-Zhong Bai
Feng-Zhong Bai
1959 Born in Changhua, Taiwan
1982 Taipei Sixiang Printmaking Exhibition
1983 Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University 1986 Solo Exhibition at Allergan Gallery, Taipei
Participated in the 25th Miro International Sketch Exhibition 1987 Korean Contemporary Art Museum Taiwan Contemporary Painting Exhibition 1988 Taipei Longmen Gallery Solo Exhibition
1989 Solo Exhibition of Sino-Korea Modern Ink Painting
Contemporary Art Exhibition
National Museum of History 1990 Solo Exhibition at Longmen Gallery, Taipei 1991 Solo Exhibition at Shibaofang Gallery, Tainan
China-Korea Modern Ink Painting Exhibition
Taipei Dunhuang Art Solo Exhibition 1992 Tainan New Ecological Art Environment Solo Exhibition
Tainan Shibaofang Gallery Solo Exhibition 1993 Taipei Fine Arts Museum Solo Exhibition
Taichung Generation Gallery Solo Exhibition
St. Petersburg Museum of Ethnography, Taiwan Modern Ink and Wash Exhibition
Tainan Fan Art Center Solo Exhibition
1994 Malaysia Central Academy of Arts Ink Painting Exhibition, Taipei Dunhuang Art Ink Painting Exhibition, Yifang Gallery Solo Exhibition
1995 Tainan New Ecological Art Environment Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong Jebsen & Co., Ltd. Solo Exhibition
Taiwan's First Modern Ink Solo Exhibition 1996 Taipei Dunhuang Solo Exhibition of Chinese Ink and Wash Painting 1997 Taipei China Art Gallery Solo Exhibition
1998 The First Ink Art Biennale, Shenzhen, China
The 2nd Cross-Strait Modern Ink Painting Exhibition Taichung Modern Gallery Solo Exhibition
Solo exhibition at Taihua Art Center, Taipei Solo exhibition at Kyoto Culture Museum, Japan Entered Zhao Ning’an Studio, Department of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2000 The 2nd Ink Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, China, Exhibition of Documents and Works by Artists' Studios from the Mainland, China and Taiwan
2001 Solo Exhibition in Taipei
The 3rd Cross-Strait Modern Ink Painting Exhibition
Taichung Modern Gallery Solo Exhibition Entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts Guo Yirui's Flower and Bird Creation High-Level Training Class Solo Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2002 The 3rd Ink and Wash Biennale, Shenzhen, China
2003 Shandong University of Arts
2004 The Beauty of Taiwan-Flowers and Mountains-Solo Exhibition of Visual Art Center
Bai Fengzhong's Recent Works Exhibition
Solo Exhibition at Hubei Art Museum, China
The 4th Ink and Wash Biennale in Shenzhen, China

2005 Shanghai Chongming Sandao Ink Masters Exhibition, China Beijing Taiwan Contemporary Ink Masters Exhibition
2006 Hong Kong Ji Ya Zhai Solo Exhibition Changhua Art Museum Solo Exhibition
2007 Solo Exhibition at Changliu Art Museum, Taoyuan 2008 Solo Exhibition at Tainan Fan Art Center
Solo Exhibition at GALERIE CHISSEUL Gallery, Paris, France, Silent in Nature-Invitational Exhibition at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, China The Fifth Ink Biennale in Shenzhen, China The Sixth Ink Biennale in Shenzhen, China
2009 Solo Exhibition at the Art Center of Feng Chia University, Taichung, China Solo Exhibition at Mingyuan Culture Center, Shanghai, China Solo Exhibition at Nanjing Art Museum, China Solo Exhibition at Changhua Art Museum
2011 Solo Exhibition at the Art Museum of Beijing Academy of Fine Arts Solo Exhibition at Ruoshui Art Center, Taichung Life and Art-Changhua Art Museum Invitational Exhibition
2012 Nothing Beautiful-Solo Exhibition at Taipei Art Star Art Center, Solo Exhibition at Jie Gallery Expo, Beijing, China
2013 Ewha Snow Fei-New Taipei City Taihua Kiln Solo Exhibition
2014 Sitting and Watching Autumn Drunk Flowers Slightly Falling-Private Chang Gung University Solo Exhibition
Linshui Suyan-Solo Exhibition of Boyi Gallery
Mo Yun Lingyun-Solo Exhibition of Color and Ink Creation of the Air Force Official School 2015 Attended the Art Institute of Peking University
Flower Shadows-Solo Exhibition at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei Flower Shadows-Solo Exhibition at Changhua County Museum of Art, Cheng Yuan Moyun-Central Police University Solo Exhibition, Mirror Flower, Water Moon, Taihua Yao Solo Exhibition, New Taipei City
2017 Yi Hua Langrui-Boyi Gallery Solo Exhibition Cheng Yuan Moyun-Central Police University Solo Exhibition

2018 Drunken Moon and Flower-Bai Fengzhong Color Ink Art Exhibition-National Changhua Life Aesthetics Museum Invitational Exhibition 2019 Solo Exhibition at Kyoto Museum, Japan
Nijo Castle Joint Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan 2021 Solo Exhibition at Zhaoyu Art Center, Taipei