Gala Hagelberg
Gala Hagelberg
GALA, a visual artist, graduated from ENSAD, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

She is also an Art Therapist and an Art Teacher for children and adults. She has showed her artwork extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Paris and in many cities in Europe.

GALA has a close connection to Asia and her many journeys and stays in Asia are main sources of inspiration in her art.

During four years she worked as an artist in South Korea and later she painted and exhibited in Shanghai. She is currently based both in Taiwan and in her native country Sweden.

GALA´s artwork is consistent of both inner and outer journeys.

During her outer journeys, she studies the world around her and expresses what she sees in colourful snapshots, often full of details.

Her inner journeys are continuing researches to create gardens and walks in abstract landscapes often inspired by the philosophy, order and composition of classical Chinese landscape paintings.

She uses a wide range of techniques. Colours are never accessory to her but are her main tool through which every mood and every emotion can be expressed.