Julie Hsieh
Julie Hsieh
Julie Hsieh is a Taiwanese-American artist. Throughout her life, she immersed herself in various forms of art and creativity, from the art of vocal performance, to the art of medicine, and finally to visual arts.

Her vocal performance spanned two decades with performances across Taiwan, the United States, and on television. Her singing is emotive and powerful, with listeners positively affected by her rich mezzo-soprano voice. She likens visual art to her performances as they are both mediums through which she expresses herself to others, providing a window to her inspirations, feelings, and the culmination of her diverse experiences.

Although Julie's first career was in medicine as a family physician—receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University and a medical doctorate from Baylor College of Medicine—creative arts has always played a significant role in her identity. After residing in the United States for 30 years, she moved back to her hometown of Taipei, Taiwan in 2014 to pursue her creative arts full-time.

Julie’s artwork is largely abstract, inspired by her diverse backgrounds in music and medicine, as well as Mother Nature and the environment. She pursues freedom while creating, engaging in a dialogue with her art, a mutual feed back until the final form is realized. She uses multiple mediums such as acrylic, oil, pastels, charcoal, watercolor and ink, not limiting herself to just one medium. For her, art is an escape from the routine, sameness and predictability.

Julie feels that “Art is an expression of our humanity with unlimited potential to connect people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Art transcends many boundaries and has the powerful capacity to heal, empathize, connect and inspire. The sky is truly the limit to this amazing field of art and I feel fortunate to be riding on the wings of art’s journey.”
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