Kouji Augustine Kodera
Kouji Augustine Kodera
Kouji is a creator. Throughout his life, he was in wireless industry creating various forms of products, services and concepts, by human experience in the center of its creation. The constant exposure to design thinking, artistic creation and engineering thinking eventually lead him to creative arts, but in more an artistic way.

Kouji was born in New York, spent early days in southern California and then living and/or working in various parts of the world have formed a unique mix and understanding of different cultures. Asian (Japan & Taiwan), French, Scandinavian, and various European flavors had strong influenced on his life. And Impressionists made a special influence on him.

Kouji has been inspired on an exploration of different combinations of natural elements. His belief in everything's divine connection to nature guides the materiality of his work. The primary element being Terra itself. Clay and its willingness to be manipulated in form and texture makes it the optimal medium for creation. He also incorporates strategies such as water in the form of bubbles and light in reflection as drivers of his forms. His goal is to inspire those who encounter his art to discover something new and simple.

He starts with a rough idea of an idea, which will evolve as it is an intuitive process and direction changes every moment. Elements of the form starts to takes over the original idea, and the natural flow of shape, creativity and surprise will lead to discovery of a new shape. These method led to BUBLE and REFLECTION as two key series of his creation.

For him, art is a meditation from predictability, routine and other life matters. While meditation is real, art is also a way for him to sharpen his creativity mind.

Kouji believes “Art is a way to express creativity and emotions. It is not only ceramics, painting or what people thinks traditionally art is. Cooking, writing, coding or any thing expressing personal feeling or creativities are also art. Art transcends many boundaries and is a powerful tool of self expression to anyone.”