Mei-Hui Lee


Mei-Hui Lee was born in north Taipei in 1943. After graduating from Taiwan Junior College of Arts, she worked as a graphic designer for major Taiwanese companies. She then taught art and concentrated on her own painting. Her artistic career took off with her first solo exhibition in Taipei in 1980, followed by many regular annual exhibitions since.

She now lives in Sincheng, Hualien County, in the mountainous east coast of Taiwan. Mei-Hui Lee specializes in oil painting, and is particularly inspired by the landscapes of the Song and Yuan dynasties. Therefore, she makes her ink and wash paintings with oil painting pigments. This new style differs from traditional ink and wash. In her countryside home, her themes reflect her mountainous and forest surroundings. Her emotion connection with nature is evident in her artwork.

Lee Mei Hui is one of the most famous female artists in Taiwan. She is already well known by many Asian collectors. Since 2013 her work has been collected by the Taiwanese government and is recognized as part of Hualien’s cultural heritage as Taroko’s official painter.