Ni Li
Ni Li
"The phantom formed by the stacked fragments of memory is like the continuation of my dream in reality"
The dreamy physique brings rich perceptual experience to oneself and becomes the material of one's own creation. The creative process is a state of searching, through the body
The extension and intuitive expression, the subconsciousness spreads on the canvas, looking for resonance with the self on the screen.
Fascinated by the images of life, Li Ni has focused on the depiction of life images in recent years, and tried to bring viewers a new way of viewing through painting
. The picture is created through the mutual ambiguity between body organs and cells, or the stacking of fluid shapes and translucent brushstrokes in the picture.
Rich layering, depicting a smart and vibrant world. Through the reorganization of organic images, trying to make the scenery seem to have its own
The conscious life form speaks its own words, presents itself as an animistic perspective of the bystander, and hides the awe of the natural world.