Patrick Lee


Patrick Lee was born in Taiwan in 1948, graduating from National Chengchi University in Taipei. Lee has been described as “a Renaissance man well versed in the fields and disciplines of fine dining, fashion, design, architecture, traveling, modernity and antiquity. Patrick is, in a sense, a modernist poet—one who works beyond the confines of conventional rhyme and meter.” In his artworks, Lee incorporates elements of German expressionism in his use of deliberate lines, shadows and distorted shapes and figures to tell his story. His use of silkscreen technique blended with brush work further enhance the overall effect, adding rich and dramatic yet realistic elements to the portraits. Since 2003, Lee has exhibited in Taiwan and internationally, including 2015 Milano Expo International Contemporary Art, where he was the only exhibiting artist from Asia. In addition, he has exhibited at 2011 Vantone Taipei, 2015 Venice Triennia, and 2015 Art + Shanghai. Lee’s artworks have also been in various charity auctions in Taipei and Shanghai since 2006 and has helped support different charity organizations in Taiwan and abroad.

Excerpts from Alex Yang, art critic and Shennica David.