Po-Lin Yang
Po-Lin Yang
The sculptor Yang Po-Lin was born in 1954 in Yunlin, Taiwan. He is currently the director of Sierra Sculptures International, Inc. and chair of the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors. He also holds exchange exhibitions with Japan and Korea.

Yang has aspired to be an artist since 4th grade of elementary school and he achieved this goal with support from his mother. Yang’s love for nature originated from his childhood in the fishing port of Yunlin, where he learned the relationship between passion for life and the natural environment. His sketches, reliefs and sculptures feature introspection and self-questioning, injecting life into learning. He believes that realizing dreams and learning are the goals of life, so we must ponder the value of learning, be persistent in overcoming adversities, and improve the quality of learning at all times. Yang sometimes presents his work as poetry and essays, his words are filled with visual images and lived experiences. Yang’s sculptures display a sense of tranquility and reflect a cosmic philosophy between agency and inactivity. Its styles are internalized and modern. They are an attempt to evolve feelings of literary music and perception for visual imagery into organic space time.

Yang’s more renowned works include Pregnant, Heaven and Earth, and Flying Seeds series, Out of Earth, Sun Rises from the East, the Dance of Flame, Spring, the Island series and Majestic Barcode. He has participated in activities such as art salons, public art, landscape design and architectural organization. Yang has also won many awards and was invited to numerous international art exhibitions.


Flames of war alight on the distant horizon
Faking the lights of a newborn star
Sprouts of the forest firing on its own leaves
In this glorious age
The halls of civilization have no more contours
We fall apart in the direction of time
The unsteady land flies toward the firmament
Corona passing through the black hole
As the order of the ecosystem is recoded

I am a creator wielding ink and brush
Blazing a trail in the chaos of pure white
Big Banging parallel universes
Attacking the core, with paper as my mirror.