Yeh Fang


The Yeh family came from Zhejiang Province, China, and Yeh Fang was born in Taiwan. Her artistic cultivation was due to the environment her parents created at home. Ever since she was a child in school, instead of rushing her to bed, her father would keep her company as she imitated the landscape and flora and fauna in painting catalogues; and in this environment, her passion for painting, calligraphy, and music has grown forth.

After she graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, Yeh Fang moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1992, and founded the Juan Yun Artist Studio. She moved back to Taiwan in 2009, and has been fully immersed in artistic creation, steadfastly expanding her artistic life. Yeh Fang has won Art Design Awards at the American Federations of Arts (AFA) and The Museum of Modern Art (Tokyama, Japan). In 2016 she presented a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei (MOCA) and her work has been seen across Asia and Europe at various exhibitions and art fairs.

Fang Yeh art is influenced by traditional Chinese civilization and art. She is the very representation of her name: elegant, gracious (Fang can mean gracious in Chinese), gentle, and full of depth. Her oil paintings are filled with the fine, meticulous brushstrokes of traditional Chinese paintings, and the voluminous blank space provide the ethereal stage for the artistic concept to flow and revolve in: the flowers blossoming and fading.