Yen-Cheng Wu
Yen-Cheng Wu
1991, National Art College Art Engineering Ceramics Group
1999, Western Painting Group, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan College of Art
2011, National Taipei University of the Arts Art Creation Institute

Resident in the village
2019, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
2018, New Thinking Humanities and Art Space, Kaohsiung
      Caoshan International Art Village resident artist, Taipei
      Reef Creek Jingquan Fenglv resident artist, Yilan
2017, Miaoli County Sanyi resident artist, Miaoli
      Dulan's good artist, Dulan, Taitung
      Cepo’s broadcast art center, big port, Hualien
2016, Nantou Renai Township patriotic Xiaowanda branch school artist, pro-patriotic Xiaowan University, Nantou,
      Nantou Renai Township Ren Aizhong School Artist, Ren Aizhong, Nantou
      Jinmen County County Artist, Jinmen County Cultural Bureau, Jinmen
2015, Puli Peach Rice Paper Church, see the artist in the campus, new hometown cultural and educational foundation, Nantou
      New agricultural symbiosis project, one heart community, a married woman, coffee house, resident artist, Nantou
      Artist in the village of Mazu New Village, Zhongmu Mazu New Village, Taoyuan
2014, New North City Jinguashi Gold Museum Spring and Summer Residents in the village, the New Taipei City Gold Museum, New Taipei City
      Hsinchu Inner Bay Hospitality Good Hope Hope Factory in the village artist, hospitality and good hope workshop, Hsinchu
2013, New North City Jinguashi Gold Museum, Autumn Resident Artist, New Taipei City Gold Museum, New Taipei City

Solo Exhibitions
2018, "We - Jinmen County Achievements Individual Exhibition", Jinmen County Cultural Bureau, Kinmen, Taiwan
     "Big Island", M Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
     "Nature Observation" Ecological Sketch Exhibition, Jinguashi Alchemy Wenchuang Coffee, New Taipei City, Taiwan
     "Daydreams on the Little Meat Island", Attacking the Garden Art Museum, Taoyuan, Taiwan
     "Xushan Mountain Paradise" Wu Yanzhen x Zhou Fang, Caoshanshan Village, Double Exhibition, Caoshan Branch, Taipei, Taiwan
     "Spring Summer 2019 Boys New Clothes" Wu Yanzhen's solo exhibition, New Thinking Human Space, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2017, "We meet here - Dulan", Dulanhaowo, Taitung, Taiwan
2016, "We meet here - Taomi", Paper Church See School Park, Puli, Taiwan
"Derivative Resonance", Memen Air Defense, Taipei, Taiwan
2015, "We meet here - Inner Bay", hospitality and good hope workshop, Hsinchu, Taiwan
"Piece Boys and His Friends", Taomi Residents' Document Exhibition, Paper Church, School, Nantou, Taiwan
"We meet here - Mazu New Village", Zhongmu Mazu New Village, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2014, "Poppy Shop", YO gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
"Artificial Utopia", Geer Art, Tainan, Taiwan
"Artificial Paradise", Park Art Museum, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2013, "Towards the End of Happiness," YO gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
"Desire.", WIRE, KINKS, Tainan, Taiwan
"Towards the End of Happiness", Monster Tea Shop, Tainan, Taiwan
"Peeping Meat Boy", Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Zhongshan Store, Tainan, Taiwan
"Artificial Paradise", Art Anew gallery & café, Taichung, Taiwan
"Artificial Paradise", Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Fayake Xiaoximen Store, Tainan, Taiwan
2012, "Welcome to the Desire Boundary", Li Pin Art, Taipei, Taiwan
"Detector of Desire Black Hole", WIRE, KINKS, Tainan, Taiwan
2011, "Welcome to the Desire Boundary", WIRE, KINKS, Tainan, Taiwan
"Cruel Little Theater", Yongle, Taipei, Taiwan
2000, "Wu Yanzhen Solo Exhibition", Taipei Snake Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1999, "Wu Yanzhen Solo Exhibition", Taipei Dean Department Store, Taipei, Taiwan
1996, "Wu Yanzhen's Solo Exhibition", Taipei Social Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions
2018, "We meet here - Kinmen County Achievement Exhibition", Good Thinking Contemporary, Taipei, Taiwan
     The second season of the packaged goddess of "Arts and Non-Yang - Charity Art and Art Exhibition", Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
     "The landscape of the back garden. Travel", Jiaoxi Jingquan Fenglv, Yilan, Taiwan
2017, "2017 Sanya Beach Art Expo", Perspective Art, Hainan Island, China
2016, "2016 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Monkey Year Light Show", Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Provincial Tour Exhibition, Taiwan
"We meet here," Pearl Museum, Penang, Malaysia
"The 2nd Formosa Expo", Quan Yi, Zuomei, Taipei, Taiwan
"Xiamen Wenchuang Expo", Golden Art of Jinmen County Cultural Bureau, Xiamen, China
2015, "2015 YOUNG ART TAPEI", Quanyi Appreciation, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
"Dear a piece of land for a long time," New Agricultural Special Exhibition, Taipei Hakka Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan
"Reverse Guizhen", Guiren Academy, Tainan, Taiwan
2014, "Liu Zang", Pocket Boutique Exhibition, New Thinking Humanities and Art Space, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
"Kissing My Baby - Gift of Love", Zun Cai Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
"2014 Fucheng Art Fair", Geer Art, Dayi Lizhi Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan
"2014 YOUNG ART TAIPEI", YO gallery & Danqing Art, Jinghua Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
"Golden Museum New North City Government Hall Exhibition", New Taipei City Government, New Taipei City, Taiwan
"Flip the Mountain Story Old Story Creative Exhibition", Gold Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2013, "2013 YOUNG ART TAPEI", Sheraton YO gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
"Golden Museum Autumn Loha Creative House Exhibition", Gold Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
"Taiwan Artists Expo", Taipei Flower Bo Park Pop Hall, Paper Center 1918, Taipei, Taiwan
"Taiwan Artists Expo", Tainan Cultural and Creative Exhibition Park, Tainan, Taiwan
"Meet the Artist", PARTY Music Art Concept Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
"Supernova", Freeman Art Apartment, Taichung, Taiwan
2012, "2012 Fucheng Art Expo", Li Pin Art, Taiyi Lizhi Hotel, Tainan, Taiwan
"2012 YOUNG ART TAIPEI", Li Pin Art, Sheraton Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
"Deep Light - Sanya Theatre Company Performance Plan", MADL Alternative Space, Taipei, Taiwan
"Deep Light - Sanya Theatre Company Performance Plan", Yitobang Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan
"Marry Chris's Horse - Christmas Special Plan", Art Anew gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
2011, "Winter Spring Flower Show", Taipei Dill Art Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan
"The First International New Art Biennale", Zhengzhou Art Museum, Henan, China
2010, "Taiwan Contemporary Artists Exhibition", Penang State Gallery, Penang, Malaysia
2008, "Modern and Contemporary Artists Exhibition", Li Pin Art, Taipei, Taiwan
"Heavy Rain", Taipei Dill Art Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2006, "International Print Exchange Exhibition", Caoshan Branch, Taipei, Taiwan

Award record
2004 Optimization Oil Painting Central Exhibition
     Copper Ring Award Oil Painting Class Qingxi Literary Award
2005 1st Oil Painting North County Art Exhibition
     Second place Oil painting class Yushan Art Award
     Third place Oil painting International Art Association Art Exhibition
2006 1st Oil Painting International Art Association Art Exhibition
     Optimization Oil Painting National 100th Oil Painting Exhibition
2007 Selected for oil painting Kaohsiung Art Exhibition
     1st Oil Painting International Art Association Art Exhibition
     Preferred Oil Painting Taiyang Art Exhibition
2008 Selected in Oil Painting Kaohsiung Art Exhibition
     Preferred Oil Painting Central Exhibition (Collection Award)
     Second place Oil painting International Art Association Art Exhibition

English Dog Fighting House - "Under the Big Tree /50F/oil painting/2007"
The Garden Art Museum - "Shan Haijin 2 /30F/Acrylic/2013"
New Hometown Culture and Education Foundation - "A Afternoon Tea with Golden Frog / 40x40cm/Acrylic/2015"
Kinmen County Cultural Bureau - "Golden Bird Watching Series 1~6 /10F/Acrylic/2016"
Crystal Springs Travel - "Paradise /15F/Acrylic/2018"

2011 "Wu Yanzhen Small Album" published independently
2012 "Towards the End of Happiness - Wu Yanzhen's Album"
2015 "Sixixi Classroom - Jin Guangcheng Ecological Pocket Book" Jin Guangcheng Cultural Center
2016 "The Piece Boy and His Friends - Wu Yanzhen Tao Mi Resident's Diary" New Hometown Cultural and Educational Foundation
2017 "Island Daily - Wu Yanzhen Jinmen County Diary" Jinmen County Cultural Bureau

Artist Statement

Artist Wu Yanzhen started the "We met here" project in the village in 2013. The artist took the meat boy to live in a different village and tribe in a few months. From the life itself, I know the residents of this land, including people, animals, plants, insects, and hope to understand more about the relationship between people and nature and the environment. The project has so far experienced the Jinguashi, Neiwan, Taomi Ecological Village, Zhongmu Mazu New Village, Wanda Tribe, Jinmen, Sanyi, Dulan, Hualien Cepo’, Jiaoxi, Caoshan, Kaohsiung River Dyke Community...

The meat boy is a character created by artist Wu Yanzhen. The series created by bright colors and childlike brushstrokes is actually a playful irony. It is a bloody piece of meat, a offering and an irresistible food item. This cute little boy, on the one hand, mocks the arrogance and arrogance of human beings in the food chain of nature, and on the other hand reflects on his observations and experiences on human, environmental and social relations.

From Wu Yanzhen's works, it is found that through the observation, care and reflection of life, eyes and mind, the artist creates one unique and interesting piece of work; in addition to the realistic situation and humanistic characteristics in the field investigation, it is injected. The fascinating fantasy element transforms the island we live in into a mysterious and whimsical world.