Yu Pan
Yu Pan
A thought blooms

"How the Floating Life Will Return to the Roots of Each Return Period" is a sentence that I am very impressed with recently, which fully reflects the laws and changes of the natural and all things in the universe.

A flower is a world, a flower is a story, a flower is a thought, the bloom of a flower will make people feel excited, and the withering of a flower will make people reluctant to part. When we have gone through the changes of the times, our mood has changed with our life, and different aesthetic standards have been conjured up at different times!

This work wants to convey an appropriate tranquility, without overstepping the boundaries, unfolding slowly and slowly, bringing out the timeless classical charm, which is intriguing.

Just as everything is self-satisfied, I hope that a restrained beauty can be derived from the picture sense of the work!