See Through: Julie Hsieh Solo Exhibition
Sharing Space, Taipei
November 1, 2019 - March 1, 2020
The Vision of the Heart: The Spiritual Paintings of Julie Hsieh

Yu-zhang Li (PhD, Institute of Art Theory, Tainan University of the Arts)

Contemporary art provides diverse artistic approaches, and it’s the very practice and choice of media that become the subject of the contemporary creation. From traditional to contemporary, art has changed from the material that defines the art to the aesthetic concept that replaces this definition of art. More importantly, art critics must ask how does the transitional state between the new and old media produce these mixed contemporary practices? How do artists respond to contemporary cultural contexts within their paintings?

Julie Hsieh's heart is the trace of her creative actions, which she uses to search for her cultural roots. Julie uses her body in action to show the Asian aesthetics of “Yi, unconventional naturalness” using ink as her medium of perception by showing the existence of the vast human historical imprint as viewed through the duration of her life. When her method is practiced, she opens the state of change between "moving" and "making"; between action and painting. Under this role, her ink becomes a medium that liberates the form of her materials from the action of her painting; and separates the relationship between contemporary abstract painting and ink from the that of form and spirit as seen in the traditional ink practice. The trend of ink in “Waltz and Wind Shadow” brings out the artist's throwing point, which opens her perception of time and space. “Dance Ink Forest” showcases the artist's creations in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (MACRO), showcasing the artist's paintings on the scene through the flow of ink. Julie Hsieh, through the creation of contemporary ink painting, combines the flow of consciousness with the rhythm of her body, transforming the ink from that of a painting medium into that of a musical medium captured by the painting. When she uses ink as her aesthetic concept, through the posture of her music, painting, and body, she allows the vision in her mind to emerge, and share the beauty she sees in the world.
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Julie Hsieh