As Art ~ Life‧Art‧Space
Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei
May 15 - August 29, 2021
As Art ~ Life‧Art‧Space Exhibition

Text / Wen-Yueh Tao (Curator)

The phrase "art is life, life is art!" demonstrates that "art" and "life" should be in equal proportions so if there is life ("life" as the process that humans go through every day) there is art ("art" as a psychological, physical and spiritual state to deal with the feelings and requirements in life). Because there is art in life, there is appreciation and practice, especially because modern people are busy at work, they are prone to irritability, and often ignore the beauty and qualities of life. If art can be integrated into life, it is like using wisdom and aesthetics to improve life. It is a way to maintain a happy and relaxed attitude that results in an improved life.

I still remember an interesting story. Someone received a bunch of flowers from a friend and took them home and put them on the table in a glass vase. Suddenly they found that the design of the the house with the flowers was not right. They started with changing the table and chairs. They then replaced the curtains and wall colors to match the flowers. Artworks are displayed to beautify the environment and create a warm and comfortable home. Redesigning the space improves and transforms the taste of life; the space is indeed the frequent experience of people, from their personal bedrooms to the family den to the outdoor space, art can transform the aesthetics of space. This is a quite deep learning: a beautiful environment is a combination of various sensory functions, including visual, auditory, smell, taste, and touch that produces a sense of pleasure and comfort. This has also been shown in medical research.

Yuan Ru Gallery has continued to promote ink painting exhibitions this year. After the first part "Ink Move ~ Taiwan Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition", the second part has the theme of "As Art ~ Life, Art, Space" (2021.05.15 - 06.05). In addition to ink works, this time, calligraphy, pottery and furniture as also added to the gallery, and six artists including Min-Da Tang, Feng-Zhong Bai, Xiang-Tang Hou, Shih-Pi Chen, Kuan-Ti Chi, and Aoki were invited to participate in the exhibition.

Min-Da Tang's madly cursive calligraphy is vigorous, and his calligraphy lines are full of smoothness and contrast in space. The pottery utensils painted by Feng-Zhong Bai are free and eclectic, allowing the glaze to be bright and sensual. Shi-Bi Chen’s abstract landscape overflows with the beauty of spirit, and the colored ink reflects the enchanting oriental beauty. Xiang-Tang Hou's fine brushstrokes create landscapes such as cascading mountains that lead from beautiful colors, which makes people yearn for the realm of good fortune. Kuan-Ti Chi’s creations use anthropomorphic sofas and landscape paintings to present a surreal mood, which makes people smile with a smile. The green grass plants of Aoki derived from the yellow green wood strokes are elegant and meticulous, allowing us to experience the lush and freshness of plant vitality.

These six artists maintain their own unique styles, and their art works require us to carefully appreciate and experience and then match the gallery space to blend in with the beauty of the environment. Yuan Ru Gallery is playing the role of this designer, whether it is spirit, soul, art, space, let each gather for interactive dialogue and communication, and enhance the space and taste of environmental aesthetics. This is a beautiful experience.
Exhibition Photos
Min-Da Tang
Feng-Zhong Bai
Xian-Tang HOU
Shih-Pi Chen
Kuan-Ti Chi