Time Bubble
Cortina Watch
March 5 - April 5, 2021
Cortina Watch and Yuan Ru Gallery are pleased to announce the first cross-border art exhibition "Time Bubble", which will be on display at Cortina Watch's Taipei Main Image Store for a month from March 5 to April 5.

Through the theme of "Time Bubble", Yuan Ru Gallery's principal and artist Ms. Julie Hsieh and contemporary artist Mr. Calvin Lin present different forms of expression in different works from a unique perspective, discussing the extraordinary craftsmanship under the chain of time.


picking up bunches of blurs and falling with a breeze,
the last second passed, the next second came
a bubble surrounds the present,
what is contained in the floating and sinking is it a leaf? Is it wind? still you?
I am alone in the long river of time, laughing, stacking, crying, withering
at last

I heard your whisper
slowly turning into a colorful blessing

that time bubble
piece after piece
drifting with missing pieces
Exhibition Photos
Calvin Lin
Julie Hsieh