Chien-Hsing Lien Solo Exhibition
Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei
February 14 - April 30, 2022
Text / Qing Lu

What is Chronicle Solo Exhibition? This exhibition is not like a retrospective, showing all the creative stages of Chien-Hsing Lien career, but uses "chronology" to refer to the artist's creative habits developed in the 1990s. That is, the creation schedule is produced and executed on a daily basis, with a solo exhibition as the ultimate goal, and the daily progress of each work is recorded with the character "zheng". This is an exhibition of "Chronicles" presented from the perspective of creators rather than viewers. It is also in line with the optional planning of this exhibition. It focuses on the works of the artist's own collection and focuses on the "human", "human" and "human" in his magical and realistic creation "things", "views".

The exhibition can be divided into four sections: the drafts of oil paintings; the series of works from 2006 “Puppet Show Follows, Who is the Puppet”; from 2011 to 2021, the creation of magical deserted landscapes after visiting the humanistic fields in Taiwan; and the focus works of this exhibition , "Mona Lisa's Smile" in a separate room at the rear of the gallery. In addition to oil paintings, Lian Jianxing also added video, toys, and furniture scene installations to the exhibition. This is a curatorial project that he has been paying more and more attention to in recent years. It stimulates the viewer's visual perception from time to time, and seizes every minute and second, which quickly loses attention and concentration.

"Mona Lisa's Smile" is the artist's 60th anniversary commemorative work. With slow-burning painting skills and research spirit, he meticulously imitates the famous Italian Renaissance painting "Mona Lisa" in the early 16th century. Lisa". The ancient paintings, which have been washed and repaired over the past five hundred years, have a brown tone as a whole, and there are small mesh-like pigment cracks on the faces of the figures and the scenery behind them. When Lian Lianxing created it, he copied the original picture and size accurately, but adjusted the distribution of these cracks. In order not to affect the aesthetics, the facial cracks were omitted, and the cracks on the lake surface at the back were beautified and integrated into the sparkling lake surface; the tangent line of the character's shoulders , The proportion of the lower part of the frame, the texture and transparency of the outer veil have also been adjusted to make people, objects and scenery more balanced and elegant. This is Lian Lianxing's own pursuit and definition of the ideal type of classicism, and it is also a skill and creation. The important distinction, that is, whether original and independent thinking has been poured into it, is the key to entering modern art. Mona Lisa's left hand is painted with a large diamond ring, sparkling with consumerist jest and celebration, which undoubtedly opens the fancy door of contemporary art. Lian Jianxing rarely paints people, and he has always touched the boundless imagination with nostalgic and sentimental ruin scenes. Instead, in this work, through the comparison of classical portrait paintings and diamond rings, the playful humor is rarely seen in his works.

The important feature of Lian Jianxing's creation is that under the realistic and simulated realistic painting style, what he carries is a unique "artistic simulation of reality". Unbreakable truth, including the physical phenomena existing in the present, as well as the perception and analysis in consciousness, is a re-understanding and re-insertion of reality. The artist once stated in his essay "Interview with Lingshan Tea": "Because I can still be realistic, I have to persevere." His realistic creations follow the axis from technique to style, from style to genre, and from genre to self-contained family. , also revisiting the place of inking in the opposite direction, even flipping and jumping in it, anchored in a present moment of blending.
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Chien-Hsing Lien