Transcending Boundary - Space
Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei
November 4, 2023 - January 7, 2024
Text / Tao Wenyue (curator) Tao Wen Yueh

I always feel that "time" and "space" are very abstract concepts, but you can clearly detect their existence. In terms of "time", through natural changes, such as the rising and setting of the sun every day , the change from day to night, the change from spring to summer, autumn to winter, etc., we can all realize the existence and flow of time. Of course, time can only move forward, it will not look back. The numbers on the clock make us more profound. of seeing the kinetic energy of time walking. "Space" makes it easier to feel its existence; to measure space based on a person's location, for example, through coordinates, positioning, size and contrast, the distance in the up and down four directions and directions can be experienced. In physics, "space" is part of "space-time", which is the basic structure of the universe. When "time" and "space" enter the field of artistic creation, what is interesting is that virtuality and imagination transform them, and time and space are realized in abstract ideas. In the end, when the work is completed, time and space become a visible entity. This time, contemporary ink paintings are curated with the meaning of "cross-border space". It is based on this premise that the intervention of lines connects the different creations of the three artists.
Wanru Gallery has its own planned exhibitions every year, ranging from contemporary art, contemporary ink painting, joint exhibitions of female artists, joint exhibitions of young artists to experimental space exhibitions, etc., which are the focus of its promotion. "Cross-Border Space ~ Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition" (2023.11.04~2024.01.07) invited Taiwanese artists Luo Zhen, Xie Wanru and Japanese artist Junichi Ito to participate in the exhibition. Among them, Luo Zhen's creation is like linear writing. She returns the lines to instinctive creation. The descriptions of each stroke come from the throbbing of life and experience in her heart. It contains emotions, sorrows and sighs of joy, anger, sorrow and joy, making the emotions , perception, consciousness and spirituality are intertwined and interact with each other. The picture is composed of tens of thousands of lines, forming a black network and hole structure. The inner breathing and outer breathing may be just like the deep cosmic world of the painter himself. Operation, in the collision of virtuality and reality, restores the original spirit of human beings.
Xie Wanru is a cross-border spiritual performer. She is an artist, a doctor, a vocalist, and the director and founder of Wanru Gallery. Her multiple identities naturally have different attitudes toward life, but her love for art Beyond self-imposed limitations, she loves the free expression of abstraction. From Western painting to ink painting, she is always bold to try and experiment. I think she is willing to attack the realm of beauty and ugliness. There is no limit to art, which allows her to Travel leisurely and feel the love for artistic creation. In addition to ink paintings, this exhibition also includes installations, allowing the expression of ink lines to span from the plane to the space, expressing and realizing true feelings with the energy of intuition and action.
The creations of Japanese artist Junichi Ito are mainly calligraphy, influenced by the traditional Japanese calligraphy culture. With the gratitude of blessing as the axis, and the belief that one is everything, these large-scale creations are created through a combination of pious prayer and inner emotions. The shape of the characters shows strong energy tension, which shows his fun and confidence in writing. In the vertical and horizontal writing performance, the strength and expressiveness of the lines transcend the structural framework of the original calligraphy and move towards contemporary expression, as if rushing out of the The explosive tension of the cage and the free imagination make the work captivating.
The three creators each showed their unique style and expression. Wanru Gallery has been more active in promoting art in the post-epidemic period. I believe that the gallery has its own responsibility and significance in promoting art. These beautiful spiritual foods have their own significance for the current society. The meaning and value of development may seem like a small step, but with the accumulation of time and space, substantial results and performances will naturally accumulate. I would like to wish these three beloved artists a successful exhibition!
Exhibition Photos
Luo Zhen
Ito Junichi
Julie Hsieh