Imagination Meets Inspiration·Taiwan Contemporary Art Creation Exhibition
Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei
July 13 - August 31, 2024
Exhibition Text / Wen-Yueh Tao (curator)

The great scientist Einstein once said: "Creativity is the wisdom of having fun!" For creators, "imagination" is an indispensable creativity. This is the ability to combine ideas, perceptions and concepts, or a certain experimental part of the mind. "Imagination" can deepen the creator's profound interpretation of creation through the mind. The inner inspiration connects fantasy and creativity. The source of inspiration is like a database of life experience. We know that in the spiritual field, writers and artists are the people who are most likely to contact "imagination". In fact, in terms of creation, "imagination" is far more important than knowledge. It is also a catalyst and propeller for creation.
The creation of an artist's work, German philosopher Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) coined the concept of "aura" to describe the uniqueness of an authentic work of art, just like the shock brought by holy light. For many things, it seems that you can only see beauty when you open your eyes, but in fact we know that this is not the case. Some beauty is hidden deep in the heart, and it takes careful experience to feel it deeply. Creativity is the key to start inspiration. If you know these reasons and reasons, it is like opening a window to nature and you can get close to it directly. Wanru Gallery curated the "Imagination Meets Inspiration-Taiwan Contemporary Art Creation Exhibition" (2024.7/13-8/31), and selected artists who are full of creative ideas and unique styles, including: Du Yuanli, Chen Yingru, Huang Yaoxin, Huang Zhengyao, Liu Guiping, Zhang Yuchen, Liu Qini, Dong Yanling, Lin Jinyu, etc. A total of nine artists.
In addition to being an artist, Du Yuanli can also be said to be the best representative of cross-border. She is currently the head of the Why Not Theater Studio. Her artistic creations are often related to the roles and spaces played in the theater, presenting the fun of symbols and geometric abstract structures and spaces. Chen Yingru's works are diverse and rich in subject matter, wandering in the colors of Taiwan's traditional folk culture and Chinese historical myths, with people, things, places, and objects as the main axis of creation. Through deformation and exaggeration, the content is full of humor, funny shapes and impressive. Huang Yaoxin relies on the transformation of rich imagination to become the biggest source of his creation. Each creation in different periods is derived from the profound experience of life. After digestion, chewing and integration by his brain, it is simplified and cartoonized and patterned to present a wonderful atmosphere. Huang Zhengyao's works pursue a simple and rough visual impact. The blurred shapes brought by the state of movement, he redefines the shape to give the work a new cognition. This is a conceptual deconstruction in the process of continuous movement in time and space. At the same time, the blurred shapes break the limitations of the real interface and are full of unique style expressions. Liu Guiping's artistic creation is fresh and agile with free strokes. She draws on the elements and nutrients of cartoons and comics, and integrates specific lifestyles and chaotic shapes of materials, making this space in the middle zone full of imagination and forming an interesting visual interactive dialogue. Zhang Yuchen is accustomed to using black background as the main color. The unified black hierarchy creates a mysterious and dark atmosphere. This is a space interwoven with inner feelings and thoughts. In the quiet space around, there is a sense of lightness and effortless weightlessness. The various combinations of object shapes also represent the emotional expression of the creator's emotions.

Liu Qini's creation likes to use lines to construct complex fantasy states. The seemingly cynical pictures can also be seen as a collision between the mind and the boundary. The space scenes stacked by rationality and sensibility are like a subtle combination of traveling between the present and the future city, showing a dream dialogue between people and the world. Dong Yanling's works are mainly based on the illusion of the subconscious. She tries to explore the boundary between life and death, the vague zone between fantasy and reality, and at the same time builds a fantasy space that escapes the real world. In the process of creation, she also puts forward a unique view on the meaning of life. Lin Jinyu's works are mainly based on people, but she likes to use surreal expressions to decompose the inner world of self-consciousness. A certain state of separation is also an expression of her creative emotions.
From the perspective of the new generation's artistic vision, they look at the various development phenomena in the world. They have broken away from the constraints of traditional aesthetics and interpret their creations with more free and broad creativity and technical expression. "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" From the present to the future, artists will continue to explore such questions. When "imagination meets inspiration", there is no end to art......
Kei-Ping Liu
Chen Ying Ru
Yuan-Li Tu
Huang-Yao Hsin
Cheng-Yao Huang
Dong-Yan Ling
Lynn Liu
Yu-Chen Chang