Ink Asia
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth J7
October 4 - 7, 2019
Yuan Ru Gallery is pleased to present some of Taiwan’s best artists at INK ASIA, the Hong Kong international art fair featuring contemporary artworks using ink and paper. The four artists include: Wen-Yueh Tao’s ink works, which are meditations on travels through landscapes breathing atmospheres of abstract time and space. Chien-Hsin Lien’s ink works continue his magical realism style from his famous oil paintings where they present the clash of ancient and modern consciousnesses. Julie Hsieh’s impromptu swaying abstract ink lines are bold, free, and passionate. And the landscape chairs created by Kuan-Ti Chi outline his unconventional contemporary imagery using ink and paper.

Yuan Ru Gallery promotes the spirit and original intention of this Asian art medium and is proud to share its wonderful and well-received artworks. We look forward to welcoming art lovers to our booth and sharing our new and exciting artworks.
Exhibition Photos
Wen-Yueh Tao
Chien-Hsing Lien
Julie Hsieh
Kuan-Ti Chi