Personal Structures
Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy
May 11 - November 24, 2019
**Yuan Ru Gallery was invited to participate in the 58th Venice Biennale GAA Foundation hosting the "Personal Structure: Open Boundary" exhibition**
by Li Yuzhang

Under the context of the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019, the Global Art Affairs Foundation (GAA Foundation) hosted the "Personal Structures - Open Borders" exhibition. The famous locations in Venice include Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora, and Giardini Marinaressa.

"Personal Structure: Open Boundary" is concerned with the state of dialogue between European and non-European viewpoints, allowing viewers to condense consciousness among everyday environments, and to enhance the observational insights of human existence through the cultural characteristics of time and space.

Yuan Ru Gallery (Taipei) was invited to participate in the exhibition hosted by the GAA Foundation, exhibiting three artists represented by the gallery: Chien-Hsin Lien, Julie Hsieh, and Yen-Fu Kuo. The artists portray the dialogue through their different creative practices and the organic configuration presented by their work.

Chien-Hsin Lien's magical-realism paintings are organized into a set of fictional narrative logic pursued through personal memory imagery. His paintings invite the viewer to awaken the memories of Taiwan's landscape cased in fantastical imagery, and to navigate through the present between history and reality. Julie Hsieh transforms between abstraction and ink painting in the way of healing art, letting the rhythm drive the viewer into the boundary shaped by her bursts and tensions. Yen-Fu Guo uses images of suitcases as the frame for his art. Through the reappearance of this object as a type of self-portrait, he shows how the artist's inner figure interacts with the self-travel pursued by the painting.

Through the creation of three contemporary artists, Yuan Ru Gallery inspires viewers to enter the imaginary boundary between the private and the public through the different compositions in the painting, and to open up the organic thinking between the individual and the world by sharing each painting’s emotional kinetic energy.
Exhibition Photos
Chien-Hsing Lien
Julie Hsieh
Yen-Fu Kuo