Art Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan
October 22 - 25, 2021
If you say "Art is life, and life is art!" Does it mean that art and life are closely connected? In fact, there are many cases where art is integrated into life. Of course, the most obvious example is hanging a picture at home. In a broad extension, the proportion of artworks in home, and the use of art in life, such as the design and matching of furniture and colors, are all essential aesthetic requirements in life's aesthetics. Usually we go to galleries to appreciate beauty, to watch different works of art, to refresh our hearts and to enhance our spiritual connections. The annual Taipei Art Fair held in the Taipei World Trade Center highlights its importance and value. During the exhibition, more than a hundred galleries from Taiwan and abroad gather to display beautiful artworks to the public. It is our pleasure to introduce this year's Yuan Ru Gallery's exhibition: "Beyond Energy." As the theme of the exhibition, seven artists including Lian Jianxing, Tao Wenyue, Yang Lin, Julie Hsieh, Yu Shengrui, Xiao Yimei, and Huang Yingxuan were invited to participate in the exhibition.

The famous French writer and music critic Romain Rolland (1866~1944) once said: "The great significance of art is basically that it can show people's true feelings, the mystery of inner life, and the passionate world." As to whether there is "spiritual energy" in art, the answer is of course there is. For example, we often find that in the process of healing, art can be used to transform the pain of the mind and body and enhance the will to survive, and its effect is often surprising. In the same way, human beings experience, dialectically, and explore self-growth through art. In a sense, they cherish and respect life. Yuan Ru Gallery will participate in the Taipei Art Fair on October 22-25, 2021, which includes the creations of five figurative and two abstract artists, hoping to interact with each other's works as an exchange and dialogue of artistic energies.

Magical artistic energy --- Lian Jianxing
Lian Jianxing is a representative painter of "magical realism." With his care for Taiwan's ruin culture, he paints a surreal mood full of humanities, history, mystery, and fantasy, all of which are eye-catching.

Abstract artistic energy --- Tao Wenyue
Tao Wenyue studied in Paris, France in his early years. His abstract creations incorporate symbolic elements, wandering in the space of memories and whimsical imaginations. Variations in form and color and heavy texture formed the characteristics of his creation.

Portrait Artistic Energy --- Yang Lin
Yang Lin was originally a well-known singer in show business before changing her focus to a full-time artist. In recent years, she has been conducting research on portrait painting. Her unique personal shape and creative inspiration for have given portrait paintings great novelty.

Transboundary artistic energy --- Julie Hsieh
Julie Hsieh is a cross-domain artist with multiple identities such as a doctor, a vocalist, and a painter. She creates energy based on intuition and action, abstract brushstrokes and lines, and expresses her true feelings through the freedom of her movements.

Precision Realism Energy --- Yu Shengrui
Yu Shengrui challenges the limits of concrete painting. Under his brush, the objects are condensed in miniature time and space, showing a meticulous texture, especially the depiction of the chessboard and the reflective metal surface is even more amazing.

Red visual energy --- Xiao Yimei
Derived from the personal charm of a model, Xiao Yimei changed from the performance art as the mayor of the art "Mei Nv Xiao" to become a painter. The red canvas carries the continuous warming and fermentation of the sensitivity to women's fashion traits.

Oriental Lyric Energy --- Huang Yingxuan
For Huang Yingxuan, the lyrical flowers and bottles are not so much a record of life objects as a reflection of self-care from the heart. The picture does not have too much modification, but presents a fresh and natural artistic vocabulary.

The positive energy produced by art is like the energy possessed by the "potential energy" of physics. In a sense, the potential energy represents the energy stored in an object at a specific location. Under appropriate circumstances, the potential energy can be transformed into something like Kinetic energy, internal energy and other energy. And the Liankuai exhibition of these seven artists, I believe that in addition to the energy radiated by their artistic creations, they will also arouse alternative deep aesthetic reflections.
Exhibition Photos
Chien-Hsing Lien
Wen-Yueh Tao
Lin Yang
Sheng-Reui Yu
Julie Hsieh
Yi-Mei Hsiao
Ying-Syuan Huang