Tù Year
Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei
February 11 - April 16, 2023
Curator: Aoki

We often hear people say "Art is Life". Art originates from life, develops from life, and finally expresses life. Life is not limited to the present moment, but also includes the culture of the past. Therefore, this Spring Exhibition of the Year of the Rabbit at Yuan Ru Gallery can also be regarded as the continuation and development of Chinese traditional culture in the aesthetics of current life. And through the multi-media and style art works of more than 12 artists (12 is a cycle of weeks), it presents the current multicultural development of Taiwan, an oceanic island, in the contemporary era; "cross-border", "Cross-field" is also one of the signs of the era of contemporary art we live in, and at the same time conveys the island's regional attributes of openness, inclusiveness and multiculturalism.

The fourteen artists invited to participate in the exhibition include Zeng Ziting, Chun-Miao Chao, Jui-Fen Liao, Hung Min-Yu, Zhou Ziting, Yen-Cheng Wu, Rao Zhihao, Yong-Zhu Han, Zhou Shenfang, Lee Wei, Yi-Chun Pu, Pei-Yin Chen, Liu-Jung Ying and Guo Shi. The creative media used include ink, gouache on silk, acrylic, printmaking, video photography, sculpture (wood, steel, acrylic) and other diverse presentations. There are many possible imaginative and dialogue relationships between the works of different artists with different styles. For example, there are different levels of "sense of humor" between the paintings of artists Min-Yu Zhou, Yen-Cheng Wu and Guo Shi; Among the works of Miao Miao, Zhou Ziting and Pei-Yin Chen, there is a kind of pure "innocent heart"; the works of artists Rao Zhihao, Yong-Zhu Han and Lee Wei, in which the "color" element creates possibilities in art; artist Zeng Ziting's Meticulous coloring and Liu-Jung Ying's freehand brushwork, the humanistic qualities of "classical aesthetics" inherited; in the works of artists Liao Ruifen, Zhou Shenfang and Yi-Chun Pu, there are many possibilities such as the spiritual feelings of "philosophical aesthetics" shared of the expansion.

The atmosphere of this exhibition is created from the experience of European traveling art museums (such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria), where you can often see paintings all over the walls; it also reminds me of the tradition of shopping during the Lunar New Year in Taiwan. The visual experience of the market (such as Dihua Street) is the happy feeling of facing a variety of products to choose from as far as the eye can see. It is hoped that the exhibition will present a festive and festive atmosphere, and the artworks will give the audience an approachable, friendly and beautiful atmosphere of daily life.

The Spring Exhibition of the Year of the Rabbit at Yuan Ru Gallery may become one of the aesthetic opportunities for you to experience "beautiful life", to get close to artworks in a relaxed and unburdened way, and to experience and discover the beautiful possibilities that life can bring. It is very suitable for the general public to continue to experience the wonderful existence of "artistic life" after spending the Lunar New Year holiday and the Lantern Festival.
Exhibition Photos
Chun-Miao Chao
Kuo Shi
Tseng-Tzu Ting
Liu-Jung Ying
Zih-Ting Chou
Yow Chee Hoe
Yen-Cheng Wu
Shen-Fang Chou
Pei-Yin Chen
Yi-Chun Pu
Lee Wei
Yong-Zhu Han
Hung Min-Yu
Jui-Fen Liao