Art Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
October 23 - 26, 2020
"Amorous Man and Woman"
Curator|Li-Hao Zhang

"The ability to create art is born with the demand for art; they arrive hand in hand."-John. Berg "Ark Bridge" "We Meet Here"

So, why did people have a demand for art in the first place? In short, it is to summon the things they have experienced, the external lines, symbols, colors, sounds and actions, etc., And to convey them appropriately. In other words, it is sentient beings that give birth to art.

At this moment, most parts of the world are still trapped by the epidemic. On the other hand, with the efforts of the government and people, Taiwan has protect its people, and live relatively normally. In view of this, Yuanru Gallery uses "多情女子" as the theme to participate in the Art Taipei Art Fair (#ArtTaipei) that can still be successfully held this year. Tao Wenyue, Lian Jianxing, Tian Wenbi, Coke King, Lin Xuanyi (Colosa), Yang Lin, Xiao Yimei, Julie Hsieh, and Spanish artist Lourdes Salcedo Tavira hope to invite more people to return to the original intention of art—feeling and sharing, and injecting something expansive into the still disturbing situation. warm.

Among them, #邵晓露's creation spans paintings, photography, sculptures to three-dimensional installations combining fabrics and composite media, etc. The main axis of thought is around the people she has been following for a long time-when she faces different social expectations or established prejudices , What kind of external image and internal state women are forced to adopt. Those images with a sense of fashion, but deliberately concealing the face and body parts, precisely construct roundabout visual rhetoric, revealing that women sometimes affirm themselves and occasionally produce doubts and conflicts.

#杨林's works often combine techniques such as painting, rubbing, and even adding ready-made objects such as beads, depicting a self-confident inner face flowing through the years and the baptism of faith. Also for women, #Xiaoyimei took a very unique perspective. This time, the pen is undoubtedly more focused on the outline and description of the legs and feet wearing various high heels, with a sharp color contrast, not only showing great The dramatic effect of the strong sense of charm also symbolizes the fearless and calm personality of contemporary women.

Just like the American female abstract performance artist Joan. Michelle (Joan Mitchell) uses the interlacing of space and form to attract the viewer's attention; #Xie Wanru's abstract paintings are also based on the theme of "landscape", expressing her agility through musical lines, brushstrokes and composition Inner mood of susceptibility. In contrast, the street artist #Colasa, a well-known street artist in Taiwan's graffiti creation circle, uses spray paint and other media to record his understanding and imagination of the world in an eclectic manner.

#陶文岳 The nearly four-meter-long "Love in the Century" is composed of 15 colorful works, each of which can be viewed independently, which appropriately symbolizes the state of life that is constantly shifting and swinging. In the magical realistic scene carefully crafted by # Lian Jianxing and deeply connected to the land, the viewer does not need to dream, but can also experience many things that seem to be familiar, drawn from daily reality; a huge turtle floating in the air The Xingfang Ark seems to be the place where you and I who live on the island are most eager to anchor their emotions.

In addition, whether #田文笔 uses brightly colored human body paintings or emphasizes metallic bronze sculptures, it portrays the unknown mood stories of women without sensuality; and #可乐王's pens are sometimes full of dreamy and childlike interest. Occasionally, works with a touch of sorrow lurks, leading the viewer to temporarily let go of the impetuousness in reality, and move towards the hopeful and infinitely possible unknown with brisk and joyful steps. This is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement and comfort to you and me.

I believe that no matter who, at some special moment, he will be touched by a line of words, a song or a piece of art, and even tears, whether the sweetness or sorrow that has been tasted before, is gradually becoming blurred. Reflected again in the shadow of the pupil... In the end, we are all passionate men and women, so we can reach hand in hand with art, the happy place under our feet that can accommodate everyone. Editorial department. Taipei
Exhibition Photos
Chien-Hsing Lien
Wen-Yueh Tao
Cola King
Lin Yang
Lourdes Salcedo Tavira
Julie Hsieh
Yi-Mei Hsiao
Wen-Pi Tian