Art Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan
October 21 - 24, 2022
Contemporary · Boundless ~ Chien-Hsing Lien, Wen-Yueh Tao, Julie Hsieh, Yu Pan, Yin-Jiu Tang, Sheng-Reui Yu, Yi-Fen Chen Art Creation Exhibition

Curator: Wen-Yueh Tao

Contemporary art is inherently diverse and all-encompassing. Facing one of the longest-standing art fairs in Asia and the most important art fair in Taiwan, the Taipei Art Fair is here once a year, and will be jointly exhibited at the Taipei World Trade Center from October 21 to October 24, 2022. This year, Yuan Ru Gallery specially planned "Contemporary, Boundless" to invite seven artists including Chien-Hsing Lien, Wen-Yueh Tao, Julie Hsieh, Yu Pan, Yin-Jiu Tang, Sheng-Reui Yu, and Yi-Fen Chen to participate in the Taipei Art Fair.

Art is a symbol that belongs to the spiritual realm. It transcends other boundaries. It can be said that the participation of art is indispensable, especially the attitude towards life. Without the nourishment of art, it will be like a wandering soul without life. ''Boundless'' is based on the idea that art has no limits. According to the orientation of freedom and broad sense, everyone has his own independent creative style that cannot be ignored. These seven professional artists study different media and techniques; , imagery and abstract expression, techniques ranging from ink wash, oil painting to contemporary creative forms of composite media.

Chien-Hsing Lien is a pioneer in the creation of magical realism in Taiwan. Looking at Taiwan through his compassionate eyes, he creates in-depth creations of the current environment and life, and is full of adventure and ideals for the future world.

Wen-Yueh Tao has consistently created an artistic realm that belongs to the spirit in the form of abstraction. His paintings emphasize the elements of symbols and abstract thinking, and in the rhythm and dialogue of the blending of shapes and colors, he can relax and contemplate!

As a contemporary cross-border creator, Julie Hsieh specializes in vocal music and artistic expression. Her informal abstract paintings, with behavioral interactions, are more of a profound understanding of life and the world.

Yu Pan has an in-depth experience of the shape and color of flowers. In the flowers she depicts, she presents a microscopic world of flowers without too much interference from other elements. She focuses on the presentation of simple shapes and gazes at the inner depth.

Yin-Jiu Tang is both a poet and a painter. His creations are based on life and experience in the present, and he speculates from the dialogue between the inside and the outside of nature.

Sheng-Reui Yu's detailed descriptions are realistic and meticulous. However, in plane painting, he chooses three-dimensional creative expression, from world famous paintings and museums in miniature, floating in the air by magnetic force, full of creativity.

Yi-Fen Chen's contemporary ink paintings incorporate reflections on the changes in her own environment. Whether it is landscapes or reefs, the shapes and structures are transformed into ideal life ideas, which are full of interest!

Since the beginning of the new crown epidemic at the end of 2019, the impact of globalization has been serious. Human beings have chosen to break through the gap of the epidemic from panic. Now they have calmly faced the epidemic and chose to coexist with it. Participation in art activities not only breaks the isolation caused by the epidemic, but also It is also the best healing and testimony in current life.
Chien-Hsing Lien
Wen-Yueh Tao
Julie Hsieh
Sheng-Reui Yu
Yin-Jiu Tang
Yu Pan
Yi-Fen Chen