Art Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center
October 20 - 23, 2023
"Heart‧Evolution‧Unity-Creative Exhibition of Taiwanese Contemporary Artists"

Text / Tao Wenyue (curator)

I think many people will be curious about how much influence art has on people's lives and environment. The answer is definitely yes. People are visual animals. First of all, it is full of challenges to see and understand the all-encompassing world through the eyes. Art belongs to the spiritual realm, and artists play a very important role in opening up art. Their creations bring a large amount of spiritual energy to the world, and also allow humans to increase their understanding of spiritual beauty. Of course, becoming an artist is not something that can be achieved overnight. In addition to one's own talent and hard work, professional art education during the growth process, and the cultivation of acquired environment are also very important, in order to show aesthetic cultivation and professional performance at the technical level. , all of these must be fully present and indispensable.

The Taipei Art Expo in mid-October 2023 is approaching. Regarding the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the past few years, we are now in the post-epidemic era. The main reason is that the world has been able to effectively control the virus, and most people have been vaccinated to be effective. Therefore, art activities in the post-epidemic era are not only carried out as usual, but also more popular than before. This shows that people have overcome their fear of the virus and demonstrated stronger vitality and resilience. Wanru Gallery has invited six contemporary artists to participate in the exhibition "Heart‧Evolution‧Unity ~ Taiwan Contemporary Artists' Creation Exhibition" at the Taipei Art Expo this time. In addition to the art teams that regularly participate in the annual art fair, this year Professor Guo Bozhou, the current director of Beijing Normal University Art Museum, is also specially invited to participate in the exhibition, hoping to bring different artistic collisions and dialogues.

This exhibition includes: Lian Jianxing, a magical realist painter who is exclusively represented by Wanru Gallery. He is famous in the Taiwanese art world for his surreal and magical realist style and artistic conception. Currently, he is also an important founding member of Hantu Society, the most dynamic art association in China. Lian Jianxing's paintings express his emotions for the land of Taiwan with exquisite and delicate brushes. The focus is on leaping from figurative depictions to magical mountain and sea scenes. The painter carefully arranges the composition of the picture, so that the objects are properly placed in a poetic theater. With the rhythm of the dot strokes, the dream-like scenery floats in our retinas and meets our hearts. We feel what the painter has brought to us. The gentle emotion of the land creates a sense of sympathy.

Tao Wenyue, an abstract artist who studied in France, has a rich exhibition history at home and abroad. He is an artist, art critic and professional curator. His creations are mainly in abstract style, focusing on the creation of points, lines, surfaces, symbols and colors. He likes to use complementary and contrasting colors, which come from the recall and description of Eastern and Western memories, spanning from the past and present memories to the future. The imagination and longing allow time and space to shuttle and dialogue between ancient and modern times, without being limited by the restrictive requirements of modeling, allowing perceptual and rational structures to coexist, in an attempt to create a certain sense of harmony in the world, and also drive the viewer's appreciation of visual beauty and emotional resonance. .

Guo Bozhou, who studied in the United States, is currently a professor at the Art Design Department of Taipei University of Education. He combines the creative elements of ink and Western painting, and conducts in-depth research on postmodern concepts, collage-style compositions, and creations that combine Chinese and Western order and have similar and different tastes. , recent works have an abstract structure, especially characters or animals and plants that are featured in famous ancient paintings of the Tang, Song, Yuan and Qing dynasties to add visual outlet to the picture. This comes from the awareness of the COVID-19 epidemic and is similar to art therapy. The more fear is abandoned and a sense of stability is created, the more different aspects and angles are reflected in the picture, showing the profound cultural heritage of inaction and tolerance.

Pan Yu, a well-known female artist, once served as the CEO of the Taipei Painting School, a vigorous art association in Taiwan. Compared with her previous experiments in figurative modeling, she has changed her style over the years to specialize in peony oil paintings and is well-known in the art world. She is good at painting blooming peonies, the fresh and tender texture of the huge flowers, the twists and turns of lines and shapes in different colors. The symbol of the flower seems to be connected with the name of the artist. When you see the flower, you are reminded of Pan Yu, and the person is like his painting. Flowers are also graceful and elegant. I am fascinated by the study of flowers, and the various possibilities derived from them are impressive.

The head of Wanru Gallery is also a cross-border artist Xie Wanru. Her creations have always been full of vitality and creative energy. Currently, he travels between Taipei and Seattle in the United States. Last year, he established the U.S. gallery branch of Wanru Gallery in Seattle. He has spared no effort in promoting art in the two places and has held many joint art exhibitions that have been well received. The works she exhibited at Taipei Art Expo this time are mainly in the abstract style of ink and acrylic. Her self-taught creation requires not only strong courage, but also full sensitivity to art. Her creative endeavors spanned Western painting and ink painting. Abstract painting is based on the changes of emotions and life in the four seasons. The creative hand and brush alternately interact with each other to create, hoping to freely express the emotions she feels deeply on the canvas. There is a sense of adventurousness in the passion.

Yu Shengrui, a young painter who is famous for his "macro" precision realism, is currently also an artist at Wanru Gallery. He is good at depicting the slow and lifelike texture of metal light and shadow. In recent years, he has specialized in three-dimensional spherical paintings, which is a difficult level. For a very high-end creation, you must first overcome the changes in the curvature of the spherical body itself, which is very different from ordinary flat creations. On the other hand, the painter does not set limits on the subject, and tries a wide range of challenges with different themes, such as the creation of group portraits of families, scenes of important players in world football matches, and the depiction of architectural spaces in famous art museums around the world, etc., which all show that this painter Be amazed by the challenge of different painting themes and shapes.

Six Taiwanese contemporary artists will participate in the 2023 Taipei Art Expo joint exhibition, using different creative media, including: oil painting, acrylic, composite media, and three-dimensional modeling. Wanru Gallery will continue to adhere to the contemporary art concept of unrestricted creation and acceptance of diverse styles, and lead high-quality senior and emerging artists to participate in exhibitions. Of course, in the future, the main exhibition hall in Taipei will be connected with the Seattle branch to organize and lead more Many Taiwanese artists and artists from various countries have participated in the exhibition. It is also hoped that these cross-international activities and the exchange and dialogue of different artists' creative styles will extend new discussions on future art.
Exhibition Photos
Chien-Hsing Lien
Wen-Yueh Tao
Sheng-Reui Yu
bor-jou Kuo
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